Changes to tutor groups

Information for Parents and Carers: Changes to tutor groups, September 2020.

Dear parents and carers

There have been a number of enquiries regarding changes to Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 form groups.
Listed below are the amendments, which are due to staffing alterations and maternity leave.
These groups will be in place as of September 8th.
All other form groups remain the same.

Year 7 into 8

  • 7VM becomes 8GM: Tutors will be Mrs G Mulligan and Miss K McCarty.
  • 7AB becomes 8LC: Tutor will be Miss L Cunningham.
  • 7MR becomes 8FT: Tutor will be Miss F Tinmouth.
  • 7LB becomes 8GD: Tutor will be Mr G Dunn.
  • 7LR becomes 8RK: Tutor will be Mrs R Gibson.

Year 8 into 9

  • 8LA becomes 9IS: Tutor will be Ms I Simpson.
  • 8KJ becomes 9NH: Tutors will be Mrs N Henderson and Mrs C Jarvis.

Year 9 into 10

  • 9SC becomes 10 JD: Tutor will be Miss J Dawson.
  • 9WG becomes 10 JM: Tutors will be Mr J Murphy and Mrs S Cassar.

Year 10 into 11

  • 10HD becomes 11TM: Tutors will be Mrs T Morris and Mr A Usher.

Should you have any further enquiries regarding tutor groups, then please e-mail me directly at

Very best wishes,
Mr Varley (Deputy Headteacher).