Harton Sports Centre Re-Opening

We can confirm we will definitely be opening our Gym again from Monday 27th July 7am. We can’t wait to see you all again and hope to welcome you all back.

We have made a lot of changes to the gym and the rest of our facilities to ensure that all of our members can exercise safely and that our staff can remain safe. All of these changes have enabled us to comply fully with every bit of Government guidance and UK Active have also given us Covid-19 Response Approved status!

The main changes we have implemented are a Gym Session booking system (the same as our class booking system), safe ‘training zones’ around the gym floor, as well as screens and Social Distance reminders. We have had to remove the use of our changing rooms / showers and also the use of the MyWellness pod.

Upon opening we will not be able to offer private PT sessions. So, we have reduced all £32.50 memberships down to the standard £20 rate due to be collected at the beginning of August.

Our step by step guide below shows how you can attend the gym and what you need to be aware of.

1)      Book a Gym Session:
–          All sessions are 55 minutes long.
–          You can book a session by using your MyWellness app and selecting the time / date you want to attend or by calling us on 0191 4274055 (Please note that phones will only be attended Mon 20th – Fri 24th 4.30pm-8.00pm and Sat 25th – Sun 26th 9am-12pm).
–          Members are limited to one gym session per day however you can train here every day.
–          You can book your gym session up to 8 days in advance i.e. You will be able to book Mon 27th from Sun 19th.

2)      Turn up for your Session:
–          Arrive for your session fully changed – Our changing rooms and showers are closed.
–          Leave valuables in your car or at home, we cannot look after them for you.
–          Wait outside the main doors and join the queue behind the yellow lines around the outside of the building. Please ensure you keep a 2 metre distance from others.
–          A member of our team will greet your group before your session starts to give you a friendly Welcome back and to check you all in.
–          Upon entering the Centre please sanitise your hands at the main door.
–          If you have a bag and/or coat, please leave them on the benches in Reception – don’t take them into the gym.
–          Collect your personal equipment sanitiser at the gym door to carry around and use throughout your session.
–          This is going to sound crazy after 15 years of insisting but DO NOT BRING A TOWEL!

3)      Treat your body to the post lockdown workout it deserves:
–          We have removed the MyWellness pod to limit cross contamination however you can still use your MyWellness app to log in and record your exercise. Alternatively, you may just wish to ‘Free Train’.
–          Remember that if you have been unable to exercise for the past few months or done very little, your body will need time to adjust again. Don’t get too upset with it though – your body will soon adjust again and will be thanking you in no time….just take it easy over your first few sessions
–          Whilst moving around the gym please be observant of others and respect everyone’s ‘Training Zone’. We’ve gone crazy with black/yellow tape (we love the stuff) and it should help you move around the gym safely.
–          Once you have finished on a piece of equipment please spray it using your sanitiser and use the blue role to wipe it down.

4)      Leaving the Gym:
–          5 Minutes before the end of the session we will remind everyone that it’s nearly time to finish. If using the app, a notification will also pop up.
–          Please leave promptly to enable us to clean equipment for the next group.
–          Exit through the Gym Fire doors, leaving your equipment sanitiser in the tray provided.

Other Stuff you may be wondering:
–          During the first 2 weeks of opening we will not be running classes, this is to enable us to get back into the swing of things and to make sure we keep everyone safe. We aim to start classes on Mon 8th August.
–          We have 2 toilets in use so if you can’t hold it, don’t worry! We do request a one in one out system though!
–          You can log into https://www.mywellness.com/ and print your workout before coming if you wish.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again
Harton Sports Centre Team