Lockdown 3 – Update for Parents and Carers

Dear Parents and Carers

At the end of another busy week, I wanted to share this update with you, as we are keen to keep you informed as much as possible. Please do take a few minutes on this. Thank you.

1. Remote learning

  • Many thanks for the overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding this provision. We are continuing to do all we can to support your child’s learning. When you get a moment, please do check they are completing their work properly and to the best of their ability. We know how much of an additional strain this will be putting on you all and we appreciate your support.
  • We have managed to get more laptops and some additional 4G connectivity to families this week.

    As I mentioned last week:

  • Our website has a plethora of guidance material to support your children in accessing remote learning, and if they have subject-specific enquiries, we urge them to contact their teachers, whose email addresses are available on our website. The students ought to be checking their emails during the course of a school day.
  • If you are still experiencing technical issues, or do not feel you have suitable devices or connectivity, please email us at: ICTSupport@hartonacademy.co.uk, stating Technical Support in the email subject box. We have managed to get a very large number of additional laptops out to our students, and are keen to ensure that everyone is in a position to access remote learning opportunities. All parents have been issued with a log-in to our parental VLE account. This is useful for you, as we have added a Help and Support tab to the home page, which contains guidance on home learning at Harton, including some video tutorials. Please use the same email address (ICTSupport@hartonacademy.co.uk), stating Log-in details in the email subject box, if you have not received your log-in details.
  • This link may also prove useful, should you not have a fixed broadband connection: https://harton-tc.co.uk/harton-academy-news/urgent-mobile-data-offer/.

2. COVID-19 Mass testing

  • This week, 67 students have had their first COVID-19 test, and 50 have had both tests.
  • The students’ behaviour in the Testing Centre has been exemplary, and they are an absolute credit to their families.
  • Not wishing to tempt fate, no one has tested positive yet!
  • Staff who are onsite for more than two consecutive days are now being tested twice a week.
  • In line with recently-changed Government guidelines, if we were to have a positive case of COVID-19, the class would be required to self-isolate for ten days and we would seek Public Health advice. In this event, students will no longer be tested every day for seven consecutive days. Therefore, in order to ensure we keep class bubbles apart, students only have lunch with their classmates. This means only a small number of students would need to self-isolate in the event of a positive case in school. We have demonstrated this with some images below.

3. Ofqual consultation

You may be aware of the DfE’s and Ofqual’s joint consultation on the forthcoming summer’s examinations. I have shared it here, and we will update you, once the final plans are published. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/consultation-launched-on-2021-exam-replacement?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications&utm_source=b66528d1-f965-4056-9166-e96c679a202b&utm_content=daily

4. Attendance this week

Attendance this week stands at (compared to last week’s):

Monday: 72 (81)
Tuesday: 74 (79)
Wednesday: 79 (76)
Thursday: 74 (71)
Friday: 74 (67)

We have continued to divide year groups a great deal in order to avoid too many students in one classroom.
As I mentioned last week, the school remains open to Key Worker and Vulnerable Children, but we urge you to only send your child into school if you are unable to keep them at home. Of course, the children absolutely belong in school, but we must address the reality of how infectious the new variant of COVID-19 has become. We are constantly advised by the scientists and medical experts that everyone is a lot safer in their own homes. Therefore, regretfully, please do understand that the fewer students and staff we have in school, the better.

Many thanks for taking the time once again to read this lengthy communication, and for your continued support.

In closing, please accept my very best wishes to you and your loved ones. Sir Ken is on the mend and has asked me to extend his kindest regards to you as well.

Please do stay safe!

Mr Amos
Head of School