Lockdown 3 – Update for Parents and Carers

Dear parents/carers/students – I hope you are all well and looking forward to the staggered return to school of our wonderful students next week. Please note that students DO NOT need to wear uniform on the day of their first test but will do thereafter.

I thought that I would update you on a few important items ahead of our return next week.

  • First of all a massive thank you to all staff who have supervised the Key Worker and Vulnerable children over the past 6 weeks or so. There are 92 in school today and they have all been tested this morning (100% negative!)
  • The highest attendance we have had is 104 students, and the students have been following their usual timetable for remote learning in ICT classrooms in their respective bubbles throughout the past few weeks.
  • Sincere thanks to all teaching staff who have worked tirelessly to offer high quality remote learning. I am sure that they will be very keen to return to face-to-face teaching from Tuesday and that the parents and students greatly appreciate the teachers’ magnificent efforts.
  • Huge thanks to the entire testing team in what has been a superb effort to have set up in advance of the expected numbers being tested next week (please see the fabulous images of the testing team this morning with some of our students).
  • The latest figures suggest that almost 90% of parents/carers/students have consented to the testing, beginning with years 11, 12, 13 & 14 on Monday – that is a very impressive figure and an illustration of the trust, support and confidence that parents/carers have in the school. Many thanks to one and all.
  • We remain hopeful of still going ahead with the Prom and Leavers’ Balls from last year as well as this year’s. Fingers crossed we receive the green light in due course!
  • Year 9 students will receive very important information in the coming days and weeks about the Options/Pathways available to them.
  • We are looking at the feasibility of virtual parents’ evenings but are well aware of the additional demands this will place on everyone at this difficult time. We are, therefore, looking at a compromise situation whereby teachers contact parents/carers they desperately need to speak to, and we will have some mechanism for parents/carers to contact subject teachers where they need additional information. We aim to trial the virtual parents’ meetings with year 9 in the first instance.
  • Year 11 and 13 Teacher assessments – I have produced a presentation, which I intend to go out next week to all year 11 and year 13 students during one of their first lessons back. We will then ensure that the presentation is available to staff, parents/carers and Governors/Directors. It highlights the absolute importance of the students attending and engaging in their final weeks before Teacher Assessed grades are internally moderated and sent off to the various examination boards, and makes reference to the students’ levels of engagement during the latest lockdown.
  • Staff have this week been updating the latest predicted grades for the students, and the final grades will be submitted by the school on Friday June 18th. As I have mentioned in my presentation, it is imperative that students continue to work to the best of their ability over their final 3 months.
  • Finally, I am sure that you would all like to join Mr Amos and I in issuing a massive thank you to all staff who have gone the extra mile and been helping out in any capacity in so many different roles as well as their existing roles. We are extremely grateful in what has been a monumental team effort.

Have a lovely weekend before the fun resumes next week – personally, I can’t wait!

Very best wishes,
Sir Ken