Rainbow Flag Success

We were delighted to receive the Rainbow Flag Award in May to formally recognise our efforts to be a fully inclusive and LGBT+ friendly school.

The award was presented to us by Jack Rivers from the Humankind organisation. The Rainbow Flag Award is a national quality assurance framework that focuses on positive LGBTQ+ inclusion and visibility. Over the past year, we have been committed to creating a positive environment of LGBTQ+ education across our school, resulting in many positive changes and new initiatives taking place.

To achieve this, we have had to evidence we were fully inclusive in the following six modules:

  • Effective Policies
  • Inclusive Curriculum
  • Pastoral Support
  • Skilled Teacher
  • Student Voice
  • Supportive Governors and Parents

This reward lasts two years, and we are committed to maintaining our high standard of inclusivity throughout the Academy. Thank you to all those stakeholders who helped provide supporting evidence to the Academy in order to achieve this award.