Suitable Outdoor Coat

Dear Parents and Carers

As we are now starting to experience poorer weather, can we please remind you to ensure your child has a suitable outdoor coat? They will be outside for some of the school day, either queuing to get into school or at breaks and lunch times. Indoor space is a premium and we are managing to keep the year group bubbles apart very successfully. Please, also, ensure you encourage your child to stick to their arrival time to school. We understand this last point does not apply to those who reply on public transport.

Please also remind your child to be organised. To safeguard our staff and students, we are discouraging visitors onto the school premises and are also unable to accept any items for your child, such as forgotten PE kits or packed lunches. We know you will understand that we are doing all we can to reduce the risk to our staff from cross-contamination.

Many thanks for supporting us with an extremely positive start to the year, all things considered.

Take care and best wishes.
Mr D. R. Amos
Head of School