Through Their Eyes

We are delighted to announce that McKenzie, one of our Year 9 students, has now been published twice! One of his pieces appears in ‘Through Their Eyes’. This publication invited students aged 11 to 18 to write a poem from someone’s or something else’s point of view. We have produced it, below, for you to enjoy.

Another of McKenzie’s poems has also been published in ‘SOS Sagas – Missing- The Search is on’. A third of McKenzie’s work, ‘Show Racism the Red Card’, will be available in ‘A Poetry Odyssey – A collection of Verse’ in 2021.

Prior to lockdown, McKenzie won the Terry Kelly Poetry Prize for Young Writers, which is held at the Customs House. The Terry Kelly Poetry Prize is open to anyone aged 25 and under in the North-East. This is a fantastic achievement for this extremely talented student, of whom we are all very proud. Well done, McKenzie – keep up the amazing work!

Here is McKenzie’s poem, ‘Our Warming World’, which appears in ‘Through Their Eyes’:

Our Warming World

The world is warming, the world is crying
Every creature, thing and man is dying
We tried our best to no avail,
To live much longer, we may have to bail.

We still have a chance but not for much longer,
We will take to the stars and start to wonder,
It was going so well but once and for all,
The story always ends with a massive fall.

To find a new home and wave goodbye,
It’s our planet and we will try,
Our world is falling and falling fast,
Any of our breaths may be our last.

If we live past the massive disaster,
We will save our world or it’ll fall even faster,
No matter what you do is ‘the ways of men’
We all have a few years left less than ten.

The problem with that, are the people of greed,
Our cities will fall and their people will bleed
The only way forward is to fight,
So we can help everyone and it’s going to be tight.

Our planet may live but we could die,
Burying its secrets, and for years will lie
The governments and armies may be strong,
At the end of the day what they do is wrong.

Fight for yourself and see what you do,
While the rest of the world die from flu,
If we somehow manage to pull through,
The only people left may be me and you.

We think we’re in control but we’re really not,
The options we have are not a lot,
But all we need is a little time,
And we could save our planet and be quite fine.

Our options are short,
We need to abort,
As the world will end if we don’t change,
What I’m going to say may sound strange,
We undid ourselves and destroyed our home,
I hope this will get to you my final poem.

McKenzie (Year 9)