Update from all at Harton Academy

Dear parents, carers and students – apologies for the delay in sending out the more detailed information about our return to school in September. Due to the dreadful news which unfolded last week, it didn’t seem right in sending the information out then. The following tables detail the final plans, all being well:

Monday 7th September

INSET DAY – Staff only

Tuesday 8th September

Please see tables below, which show the times of arrivals and departures for the various year groups. Please note that ONLY our new year 7 students and year 12 students will attend in the morning.

Our new Year 7 students have staggered arrivals (according to form classes), staggered breaks, lunches (no money required as school will pick up any costs), and dismissals. They will have an assembly with myself and key staff in smaller groups in our main hall and will enter the school via the main 1936 building entrance (see Video for further clarity – to follow). They will receive their timetables, have photographs taken, be issued with lunch cards and have a longer tour of the school (1936 building and dining hall) with their form tutors.

Year 12 – all will arrive for 10am and there will be staggered assemblies in the Lecture Theatre with myself, Mr Burroughs and tutors. They will meet with form tutors, have a tour of the 6th form block and be issued with their timetables and lunch cards.

Tuesday 8th September

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 14.32.03

Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13

The following table summarises the arrangements for these year groups: 

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 09.19.03

As you will see, there are the inevitable staggered arrival and dismissal times. Years 8 and 9 will be in the 1936 building, whilst years 10, 11 and 13 will be in the new building. They will have a Video assembly with their form tutors and be issued with timetables and lunch cards etc.

Wednesday 9th September until further notice: 

A great deal of planning has gone into ensuring that the school is able to operate within discrete year group ‘bubbles’.  We have a full risk assessment in place in order to safeguard all staff, students and visitors according to government guidelines.  This can be located by clicking on (COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Return in September 2020). 

Each year group has its own colour and students will be issued with A4 ring binders which represent the colour of their respective year group.  These also correspond to the entrance and exit points in order to maintain year group ‘bubbles’.

  • Year 7 – Orange
  • Year 8 – Yellow
  • Year 9 – Purple
  • Year 10 – Red
  • Year 11 – Blue
  • Year 12 – Green
  • Year 13 – Black

Year groups will have specific arrival and departure times as shown in the table below.  

Students must bring in their own packed lunch and bottled water for 4 days per week, with them having an opportunity to a buy a hot lunch once a week within their year group ‘bubble’. 

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals, we will contact you in the coming weeks so you can order their packed lunches in advance.   Students must bring a school bag, every day, to carry their lunch, water, A4 ring binder and any stationery. 

All students, in Years 7 to 11, must remain on the school site for the full day and are not permitted to leave for lunch. Years 12 and 13 will be allowed off site for lunch.

As per government guidelines, we urge our students to walk or cycle to school.  There will be no scholars’ buses initially.  Parents may drive their children to school, but we ask you to park as far away from school as practically possible.

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 14.41.06

I am sure you all appreciate that plans may be tweaked slightly as we see how things progress. However, we have done our utmost to ensure the safety of students and staff.

We are well aware that the staggered start and finish times will cause some concerns for parents and carers but we have had no choice in order to maintain the integrity of the ‘bubbles’. I sincerely hope that these temporary plans do not last for too long and that we return to normality fairly quickly.

Staff will be fully briefed on our INSET Day on September 7th and students will, in turn, be fully briefed on September 8th.

I look forward to seeing some of our year 13 students on results day (Thursday August 13th) and some of our year 11 students when they enrol for our 6th form on Thursday 20th August and beyond. 

The plan now is to issue the year 13 results, alphabetically by appointment, but unfortunately due to the numbers involved (271), we are posting and e-mailing the results at 8am on Thursday 20th August for our year 11 students. However, appointments are being issued for year 11 students who have applied to join the 6th form.

In the meantime, have a fabulous summer break and stay safe and well.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Sir Ken