Weekly update from all at Harton

Dear parents/carers and students – I hope you all continue to be well and many thanks for your continued support and very positive comments and messages.

The weekly update this week includes the detailed guidance from the DfE, which was published yesterday. We have started the planning process and will finalise our plans for September next week before consulting with staff, Governors, Unions and parents.

  • We have had 13, 13, 13, 11 and 13 key worker and vulnerable children in attendance this week. They have covered a range of subjects, including English x2, music, art, science x2, Dt x2, maths x2, RE and some VLE work too.
  • The year 10 attendance has been variable this week ranging from 48% on Wednesday to 83% on Tuesday. The overall attendance for the week so far is 61.1%. The range of EBacc subjects covered included history, geography, French, Spanish and computer science, with some additional maths and English (numeracy and literacy) for some.
  • The year 12 attendance for Option A subjects (maths, psychology, media, politics and philosophy has averaged out at 58.8%, ranging from 47.4% on Wednesday to 68.8% on Monday).
  • Almost 200 laptops have been issued to a mixture of staff and students this week – massive thanks to our ICT staff for their hard work there.
  • An ever increasing amount of e-learning is taking place with some marvellous work by departments and excellent engagement from many of our students.
  • FSM vouchers are being issued to eligible families in ALL year groups, including year 11 and 13, and will continue right through the summer holidays. Massive thanks to staff who have issued up until the summer, and will then issue the summer vouchers in two batches – one for 4 weeks on 10th July and one for 3 weeks on 7th August.
  • The Pastoral and SEN staff continue to make calls to our more vulnerable children, and so far 118 invites have gone out for face to face meetings in school. 30 such meetings have taken place already.
  • Many thanks to tutors who have been contacting tutees this week. I know that families really appreciate the calls.
  • A video message and photographs went out to year 11 students this week to coincide with what would have been their leavers’ Prom.
  • A message will go out to our year 13 students in the next week or so.
  • There will be no summer schools but we are planning to have significant catch up provision for years 11 and 13 next year.
  • Finally, the guidance which arrived from the Government yesterday can be found at:


Enjoy the read and appreciate the marvellous challenge ahead! The fortunate thing for the Government is that schools make the DfE’s ideas work somehow! I will share our outline plans in due course, and certainly before the summer.

Take care and have a lovely weekend – two more updates to go and then that is it for now!

Very best wishes,

Sir Ken