Weekly update from all at Harton

Dear students, parents and carers

Thank you for your continued support and messages – they are greatly appreciated.

The update for the week is as follows:

  • Massive thanks to the Catering staff (Karen, Andrea and Lisa) for ensuring that our students attending each day have breakfast and a packed lunch if required.
  • Many thanks to our wonderful site staff for their continued hard work each day.
  • We have had between 5 and 8 students in attendance on the various days this week but expect that figure to rise after half term.
  • Many thanks to teaching and support staff who have been providing a varied curriculum once again this week (Dt, ICT x2, English x2, Science, History, Maths, PE and MFL).
  • Thanks to the many students who are completing set work so conscientiously.
  • Centre Assessed Grades – we are well on schedule to have the final grades analysed, profiled and submitted to the various exam boards between June 1st and June 12th.
  • We have been allocated almost 50 laptops for year 10 students but have requested more! Thanks to various staff for sorting.
  • Thanks to staff for chasing up 40 families who hadn’t cashed in their FSM vouchers yet.
  • Thanks again to the pastoral and SEN staff for the continued phone calls and contact with over 100 families.
  • Thanks to tutors who have already begun the process of contacting every student and family who haven’t had direct contact from the school as yet. We have set aside the whole of next week to complete that task.
  • Thanks to staff who have provided summer tasks for potential 6th form students – these have been very well received by students and their parents.
  • Many thanks once again to Mr Reiss and other DT staff for the continued production of face masks – approximately 3200 have been produced at the latest count and I sent information to the Shields Gazette yesterday and today – hopefully something will appear in the press soon!
  • Transition days for year 6 pupils will now take place in September, all being well. Key staff are in regular contact with our Primary Feeder schools.

General news:

  • We are still hopeful that we can have a Prom for year 11, a Leavers’ Ball for 6th form (maybe to tie in with a prize evening) and a farewell do for staff who have left or are leaving in the summer. The actual date will be decided once we are in a position nationally to hold such events – let’s hope that we can do that before Christmas.
  • We are CLOSED for the entire half term (May 25th to May 29th) to enable a full deep clean of the school, particularly the areas which have been extensively used in recent days and weeks. All affected families have been contacted.
  • We have formulated a plan for any potential return of year 10 and year 12 students. The plan ensures that maximum class sizes will be 7 or 8 and they will have separate arrival times, break, lunch, lessons and dismissal.

However, there are meetings of the Unions and Government on Monday and I have several further meetings arranged once we receive any further guidance (ever the optimist!)

At the moment, the summary position is as follows:

W/b 25th May – CLOSED for Deep Clean
W/b 1st June – Staff updates (in small groups) about plans and protocols re Health and Safety etc.
W/b 8th June – EARLIEST possible opening to year 10 students followed by year 12 on Thursday 11th June.

Note – it is highly likely that these dates may change but we have a plan for whenever we return.

Please rest assured that all stakeholders will be consulted and that we will do the right thing for our students and staff. We will not return until it is deemed safe to do so.

That’s it for now folks. Have a lovely weekend and take care!

Very best wishes,

Sir Ken