Working from home – expectations of students

It has now become apparent that schools, in the UK, will remain closed for an extended period of time. This is a very stressful time for all but particularly for our students who will be keen to continue their learning journey. Subject leaders and classroom teachers continue to provide learning resources via the school VLE, email communication and various on-line learning platforms.

The work being made available seeks to provide the same broad and balanced curriculum experience the students would have received, had they remained in school. Student well-being, at this unprecedented time, continues to be a priority. The level of work being provided may seem overwhelming to many students but we would like to emphasise that there is no expectation for all work to be completed. We would instead encourage students to engage in a variety of subject-based activities and recommend approximately two hours, per day, using the resources provided. It may be that some students also wish to supplement this and consolidate their understanding by using some of the learning platforms which offer greater independence, e.g. GCSEpod, ActiveLearn and BBC Bitesize.

We wish you and your families well at this difficult time and will continue to provide additional information as it becomes available.