Year 7 Baseline assessment

Dear parent/carer

You will be aware that the Key Stage 2 SATs examinations, taken in Primary Schools at the end of Year 6, were cancelled this year in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Under normal circumstances, these SATs results would have been instrumental in determining Year 7 teaching group structure and in target-setting procedures.

It is therefore essential that we make arrangements to collect robust and reliable baseline data to support curriculum delivery within Year 7. To facilitate this, Year 7 students will be completing a baseline assessment available through the Centre for Monitoring and Evaluation (CEM centre), known as the MidYIS test. The assessments will take place during the week beginning Monday 16 November and are 50 minutes in duration. They will be completed during computer science lessons. Students will be briefed before completing these assessments so they are aware of their purpose. The assessment is adaptive, which means questions are personalised for each student, making them as engaging as possible. We have chosen to conduct the MidYIS tests now, as we were keen that the students were settled into their new school routines first.

The information collected from this assessment will identify strengths and weaknesses of each student and offer further guidance on GCSE chances in individual subjects. Once this information has been carefully analysed, it will be used to inform potential changes to teaching group structure and to generate appropriate academic targets for all students.