Year 8 and 9 teaching group arrangements

Dear parents/carers

As you know the re-opening of schools, to all pupils, has only been possible by satisfying strict Government guidelines. This has been achieved by zoning the school to allow year groups to remain in discrete ‘bubbles’. To enable this, and the safe return of all pupils, it has been necessary to suspend our normal setting arrangements in Years 8 and 9.

Under normal circumstances students would be placed in a variety of teaching groups according to their abilities in certain groups of subjects. You will be aware from previous communications that, until further notice, students will be taught in a single group for all subjects and be based, for the majority of their timetable, in the same room to maintain these ‘bubbles’. These groups have been determined by ability in mathematics. This was not reflected in all cases and this has been the reason for recent changes. We appreciate that changes may be disruptive but it is essential that arrangements are as accurate as possible as we begin this unfamiliar academic year.