Having a Healthy Life

This month’s tip comes from a young friend and gym client – Adam Hutchinson. Adam is on home leave from the University of Miami where he is into his final year of a football scholarship; apparently he’s not too bad a player. He’s temporarily left the land of sun and smiles to enjoy the green and pleasant land, oh, and the rain.

DIET – it’s an awful word that conjures up images of misery and deprivation; yet most of us either are on one or know someone that is on a diet at some point in time. If you are going ‘on’ a diet, it means that at some point in time you are going to come ‘off’ the diet and guess what – you only go and put on all of the weight that you have lost and then some!! Healthy eating is the way forward – eating plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats and complex carbs and plenty of water. Of course you should still have your treats – everything in moderation!! Treat your body as you would a very expensive sports car; you wouldn’t put a load of rubbish fuel i.e. cheap oil into your expensive car, yet you’d be willing to put rubbish fuel i.e. saturated fats and refined carbs into your body – it just makes no sense!!

It’s also that time of year when everyone is preparing for their summer holidays and thinking about parading around the beaches in next to nothing!! This is when people are motivated to exercise increasing their cardio and lifting weights to lose that extra tyre around their middle etc; but once again this is also usually a temporary measure because once they lose the weight or come back from their holidays they stop exercising and can’t understand why they that layer of fat re-appears!!

Essentially you need to eat healthily and exercise all of the time because remember health and fitness is a journey, not a destination.