How Much Protein

How much protein should I include in my diet?

I’ve previously covered the importance of carbohydrates in the diet to promote well being; now it’s the turn of protein and in particular, how much should you be consuming? a question regularly asked in the gym, particularly by aspiring young bodybuilders. How much however depends on the individual, their lifestyle and intensity of workouts.

Proteins have many functions, but the one’s we are mainly concerned with are;

  • They are the basic building blocks of our bodies.
  • They help with muscle contraction, muscle recovery, blood clotting, oxygen transport, third source of energy.
  • Growth and repair.

By far the best sources of proteins are from animal products such as eggs, meat, poultry, dairy and fish. Non animal sources could include soy foods, buckwheat and quinoa ( keen-wa). The food supplement industry has a multi-million pound turnover and there are many products out there, but be careful what you buy when it comes to protein powders as many have fillers to pad out the product, and a lot of the protein content may have been compromised during production.

Commonly in this country the only decent amount of protein consumed during the day is at the evening meal, however it should be a major part of every meal consumed. The American College of Sports Medicine has issued the table below with the suggested intakes of grams of protein per day depending on the individual’s activity type and levels.