Best Cardio for Weight Loss

There is often a lot of debate over which cardio routine is best for weight loss.

The truth is all cardiovascular routines are beneficial; however, there is no question that some c.v. routines promote fat loss faster than others.

Different types of cardio;

Aerobic (low intensity) cardio – This type of cardio is where your heart rate is kept at a low-moderate level usually between 55-75% of your maximum heart rate (MHR). The main benefit of “aerobic” cardio is improving the efficiency of your heart and lungs to transport nutrients and oxygen to your cells. This type of training builds a good foundation of cardio-respiratory conditioning so you can progress to higher intensity routines later.

Lactate (high intensity) Cardio – This type of cardio training keeps your heart rate at a high level, above 85% of your MHR. Because of the high intensity level of training your body produces lactic acid in response to a shortage of oxygen, the body being unable to keep up with demand. This type of energy production is called the “anaerobic energy system”. High intensity training helps to deal with lactic acid and basically improves your endurance and stamina. It is therefore beneficial for runners, cyclists and other athletes looking to improve their endurance. For the average person looking to lose body fat and tone up there is little benefit in doing this type of routine.

Interval Training (High Intensity-short duration) Cardio- This type of cardio training is simply a combination of the low and high intensity training, alternating between high, low, high, low. Interval training is the holy grail of cardio routines for fat loss. Not because it burns more fat during the workout, but because it burns more fat AFTER the workout, this is due to the increased hormonal responses from fat burning hormones like adrenaline and growth hormone.

So as a regular gym user remember while cardio is essential in any fat loss program it is best utilised in combination with resistance (weight bearing) training, as the more lean muscle you have the more places you have to burn fat.

And if you don’t believe these facts, just look at sprinters. They’re nearly always the most muscular, lean, and healthy looking athletes you’ll see.

Makes sense to me.