Is orange juice good for you

Did you know?

1 x 500ml glass of orange juice can contain up to 51 grams of sugar which is equal to 5 doughnuts, so be careful of what you consider to be a healthy morning drink.

A new study by the american heart association found that doing hand grip exercises for just 11 minutes three times a week reduces your blood pressure by 10 %.

Chocolate – one of the best things to eat before lifting weights. A small bar of dark chocolate before your workout aids muscle recovery, but make sure it has 70% or more cocoa.

Eating strawberries three times a week can lower your chances of a heart attack by more than 30%, according to a study published in the journal circulation. Berries are a rich source of flavonoids which dilate your arteries, helpling to clear out fatty build ups.

A daily dose of coconut oil could stave off the effects of alzheimer’s disease according to a study by Oxford University. The oil contains a rare type of fat (MCT’s) that the brain is more easily able to use as fuel. The extra power boost helps the brain store short-term memories more efficiently.

Feeling sore after a good workout? Then include ginger spice in your post workout meal or drink – the oils in ginger can reduce muscle soreness by 25%.