Enjoy the festivities

Well here we are once again nearing the end of another year, and how quick has that gone? Many new faces arrived at the beginning of the year full of good intentions, some have fallen by the wayside but I’m glad to say most are still with us. Resolutions have been achieved and most importantly the health of many, vastly improved.

We’ve seen a few changes at the gym recently and it’s been good to see members trying out the various classes, which are now included in their gym package with more to come in the New Year.

I’ve never been one to preach to folk regarding their eating and drinking habits because I believe if you deprive yourself of something you tend to crave it even more. Its party season and the time of Christmas excess, so all I’ll say is enjoy it, and don’t neglect the gym, we’re only closed on the Bank Holidays.

So from myself and everyone at Harton Sports Centre have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

p.s. to help alleviate that hangover remember alcohol is a diuretic ( it dehydrates you ) so stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before, during and after a heavy session , coconut water is particularly good, milk thistle is a great liver tonic and a slice of wholemeal toast will help settle your stomach.

Harton Jim.