Some benefits of exercise

A few entries ago I did a piece on the various benefits of exercise, many of which were relative to the health benefits and not just the usual presumptions, i.e. muscle building.

Harton Sports Centre promotes well-being through exercise in a friendly and supportive manner, so it was good to hear this month of a couple of positives from two of our members who have been suffering from health related issues, which have now regressed.

The first is a lady who has been on medication for about 10 years for low bone density. Her recent checkups have revealed that her bone density has now increased and her medication has been reduced with a view to stopping altogether. This is believed to be as a direct result of her taking up weight bearing exercise, a proven benefit.

Secondly, another member was suffering from high blood pressure and the onset of diabetes. Once again another positive result, both conditions are now under control through exercise, accompanied by some weight loss, a great sense of achievement and a general feel good factor.

So although a great deal of us goes to the gym just to stay fit and toned, (me included), it works sometimes clearly the promoted benefits of exercise really work.

I don’t know if you are all aware but from November, classes here at Harton are now included in your gym package at no extra cost, so if you fancy a variety in your exercise regime now’s the time to try some of the different classes on offer, from circuits, spinning, zumba, salsa, yoga, pilates and more to come over the next few months.

No excuses then, get cracking; don’t put off until another day what you can achieve now!