Year 9

Home learning summary – Year 9
  • Weekly tasks are set on the VLE notice board (Department sites>English – KS3 – KS4) Scroll down the Noticeboard to find all previous work and resources.
  • Feedback can be received by emailing completed work to classroom teachers.
  • In addition, work for Mr Stebbing’s students can be found here:

Please follow the English Twitter account for additional support, ideas and links: Harton Academy English @EnglishHarton

Subject leader available at –

  • MyMaths continues to be the main source of work.  Students have access to lessons before they complete each task.  Work can be marked and feedback given within this package.

Subject leader available at –

  • All students have been emailed a PowerPoint summary with work to be completed up to and including the week beginning 1st In this document is a summary of the lessons for each week and a double page textbook extract to support independent learning. This arrangement will continue from 8 June.
  • Students struggling to read the text in the PowerPoint can access online books at Students in Y9 and Y10 should be familiar with how to access these and an instruction sheet was included in the email sent to Y7 and Y8 students.
  • Seneca learning classes and codes have been also been circulated via email and Pearson ActiveLearn tasks have been set to consolidate learning.
  • Students are also able to access GCSEpod independently to consolidate understanding.

Subject leader available at –

  • Work co-ordinated by subject leader. Tasks are shared through the ‘assignments’ link in the school VLE. There are currently 10 lessons available.

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  • Completion of KS3 Geography work booklet.

Subject leader available at –

  • Work is being set by individual teachers via the Homework link of the school VLE. This is generally limited to one per week.

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Social and cultural studies
  • Work available through department subject page on the school VLE in resources.

Work available at : Department sites>Social and cultural studies>Resources>Year 9 Home Tasks

Subject contact:

Subject leader available at –

  • Weekly task posted through the assignment link on the school VLE.

Subject leader available at –

Computer science

All work will be emailed out to the whole year group with instructions. Resources available on the school VLE.

Documents required available at: Department sites>ICT and computing>Year 9

NHS festival project

Pupils creating a range of items for an NHS music festival. These can be created by hand or electronically.

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Mind map & mood board Logo research and design Logo creation Poster design Poster creation Presentation storyboard Presentation

Subject leader available at –

  • Individual teachers setting work through the homework link in the school VLE. Tasks generally designed for completion over a 2-3 week period.

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Art and Design  To follow