Provision for students in receipt of free school meals (FSM)

Dear Parents and Carers

Provision for students in receipt of free school meals (FSM)

We have sent a £10.00 voucher to families of any child who is entitled to free school meals (FSM). These can be used to replace the meal your child would have received in school. It should be used each day, as of Wednesday the 25 March 2020. As you will see, this voucher can be used at Dicksons.

Harton Academy will revise its strategy regarding support for FSM pupils, once we are able to further determine the duration that the school is to be closed, and how we can best care for all of our pupils and their families. We must also advise you that the Government is currently working on a national strategy to support you with your child’s free school meals.

Please do keep an eye on the news about these developments, and our website, too. Once we have new information, we will share this with you as soon as we are able to do so.

In closing, take care and very best wishes to you and your loved ones, in the coming days and weeks.

Sir Ken Gibson