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Updated: 12-10-20

Virtual Parental Engagement Events

We are excited to announce that our first series of parental engagement events will be 3 virtual Q &A sessions.

This is an opportunity for parents and carers to ask questions and share experiences of SEND services for children and young people in South Tyneside.

You’ll also hear about the exciting new approach to involving parents and carers in decisions about SEND services in the borough.

Andy Ritchie (Service Manager – SEND Access & Inclusion) will answer your questions about SEND services for children and young people in South Tyneside and the help and support available for their families. You’ll also meet Mehrnaz and Becca, our new SEND Participation Workers, as well as Catherine Ratcliffe from Contact (a support organisation for Parent Carer Forums).

This ‘question and answer’ session is the first step in a new engagement approach that will ensure parents have a strong voice in the provision of SEND services in South Tyneside. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey to improve services for families and our SEND Local Offer.

The dates for these events are:

Tuesday 21st October 10:30-11:00
Wednesday 22nd October 19:00-19:30
Thursday 23rd October 13:30-14:00.

There are limited spaces available, so please book your space early.


During Lockdown, some young people have really struggled. Below is a link to a booklet that may explain some of the behaviours that you may have noticed and gives some strategies to help ground this behaviour.



North Cumbria and North East Children and Young People July 2020 Newsletter


Please find link to a simple outline of what South Tyneside College to do to support parents and students with additional needs on the Foundation Learning Programme.

STC – Foundation Learning Postcard

For any year 10’s returning to school the week commencing 15th June, please find below a social story giving further details:

Returning to school – what can you expect

What is a school bubble?

When you go back to school you will be in a bubble.

This is strange – it doesn’t mean a real bubble. At school you are going to stay in the same small group of people all through the school day.

You are going to stay together for lessons and work, to eat lunch and at break time. You will use the same toilets and sinks as people in your group.

They have called it a ‘bubble’ because you are being protected by not doing things with other groups (like being inside of a bubble, even though you are not in a real bubble).

It is good to remember that washing your hands, staying 2 metres apart from other people and not touching your face are good ways to keep us all safe. Using the hand sanitisers around the school is another good way.

What will my school day look like?

There will only be roughly 67 Year 10 students in school each day. They will be split into smaller groups of about 22/23 students. You will arrive at school and leave school at the same time as those 22/23 students. Those students will be split into smaller ‘bubbles’ of about 7/8 students. You will stay with those students all day. You will work, eat lunch and take breaks together.

When you arrive at school, you will go to the area outside the 1936 Building (the old building). You must stand on the yellow lines on the ground, which mark a safe 2-metre distance from other students. Your teacher will come and meet you and take you to your classroom.

You will have all of your English, maths and science lessons in the same bubble and in the same classroom. You may have different teachers throughout the day for different lessons. Your timetable will tell you what lessons you have each week.

You can bring a packed lunch or your teacher will give you a choice of sandwiches or wraps. You will eat your lunch in the dining hall. You will be told where to sit in the dining hall.

At break time, either you will stay in your classroom or you may be taken outside for some fresh air.

You will be told which toilets you can use and you must use those only. You cannot use any other toilets in school.

You cannot bring anything to school, apart from a packed lunch. All stationery will be provided. You will be able to take the pen home with you. The ruler and calculator will be cleaned after you leave the classroom.

It is ok to ask questions. It is ok to talk to students in your bubble at appropriate times.

You must remember to wash your hands throughout the school day and stay 2 metres away from other people.

FREE parent online workshops funded as part of the DfE SEND programme for the North East region. 

Managing sleep on 9th June

Speech, Language and Communication on 16th June

Information for young people regarding self-care and well-being

During this time of uncertainty and recommendations to distance yourself from others, you may worry about how you will cope. Here are a few ideas about how you can protect your Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Secondary Mental Health Pack


Advice for parents

Here are a few tips for parents to consider with regards to keeping their children physically and mentally secure.

Advice for parents Pack

If you are in need of urgent mental health care for yourself or your child, call the Crisis Team on 0191 5665500 or free via 111.

To all children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), their parents/carers and families, and others who support them…

Click here to read letter: Joint DHSC & DFE Ministerial Letter


If you haven’t seen it already please find below, a link to new SEND Parent’s toolkit which is available on BBC Bitesize –

South Tyneside Local Offer with resources for families with SEND can be found using the following link: