Student use of bikes to school

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Our Ref: CC2/_hs/ADM391
11 September 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

Student use of bikes to school

You are receiving this letter because your son/daughter has indicated that he/she will be using a bicycle to come to school.

Parents will be aware of the safety and security aspects of owning and riding a bicycle. In school, we like to take every opportunity to encourage the pupils to stay safe. With such matters in mind, we would like cyclists on the school premises to observe the following etiquette.

  • All pupil cycles on the premises should be housed in one of our dedicated areas. This increases our ability to supervise but parents should be aware that these areas are not enclosed or staffed.
  • Cycles should be secured using a substantial lock and chain. The owner of the bike should ensure that a spare key is kept in a safe place.
  • All cyclists should disembark at the school gates and walk the cycle to the shelter. This is to enhance levels of safety for the many hundreds of pedestrians on the school site.

We also advise that:

  • cyclists have a satisfactory level of competence and an awareness of cycling proficiency
  • to deter theft, the cycle is clearly stamped
  • regular checks are carried out on the roadworthiness of the cycle, with particular regard to brakes and tyres
  • very important – a cycling helmet is worn
  • cycles are fitted with working lights. This is particularly important during the winter months.

This advice does not constitute school responsibility for cycles and cycling.  The decision as to whether a child should cycle to and from school rests with the parents and the school has no liability for the consequences of that decision. Parents should be aware that all personal property, including cycles, is brought onto the school premises at the owner’s risk. We are aware that some children bring very expensive cycles to school and despite CCTV and our best efforts to deter criminality, during the summer term there were several incidents of cycle damage and theft that proved very distressing for those involved. Please be aware that the school does not have insurance cover for loss or damage to personal property. Parents of cyclists are advised to take out appropriate insurance as the school cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.

This information will be given to pupils in school but we also ask that it is reinforced by parents. Many thanks for your understanding in this matter. Please pass on our best wishes to the young cyclists.

Yours sincerely

C Chesborough
Deputy Head Teacher