Year 11 students, exams and ‘leaving school’

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Our Ref: CC/at/155
Date: 30 April 2019

Year 11 students, exams and ‘leaving school’

Dear Parent/Carer

For our Year 11 students the arrival of the exam period marks the beginning of the end of KS4 and GCSE at Harton Academy. This letter contains important information about arrangements for the exam period and ‘leaving school’.

Of course, many of our students will return into the sixth form, but nevertheless, leaving KS4 procedures still need to be observed.

In our main hall, exams begin in earnest on Monday 13 May 2019. By now, all Year 11 students should have received information about the examinations they intend to take. Please encourage students to be aware of dates, times and the varied needs of different exam subjects. Any student with a question about exam entry should see their subject teacher and/or the Exam Officer in advance of that exam taking place. We are now well into the exam revision period. Students should be spending a significant amount of time in preparation. There are many revision initiatives under way in school and this will continue right through the exam period. If you have any questions about this, please contact the school. Staff would be happy to provide the information that you may need.

Lesson arrangements for the exam period are as follows. All Year 11 students should follow their normal timetable until half term (Friday 24 May 2019). After half term, they should only attend school for an exam or for lessons in which they have an exam to sit or portfolio work to complete. Of course, students should continue to observe the usual rules regarding appearance and behaviour whenever they come onto the school premises. Should the completion of lessons present you with a problem of travel or supervision during the exam period, please let us know.

In a more general sense, I would like to thank the parents of all Year 11 students for the help and support that they have given to the school during the past five years. The external exams are only the culmination of a very long process that would be almost impossible to negotiate without your help. Thanks must also go to the vast majority of students who have served their time at Harton with honour and distinction. These young people have been a pleasure to teach and they leave school with our best wishes for the future.

Once all exams have been taken, there is one final area of administration for students to complete. They will receive from tutors a copy of the school leavers’ ‘signing off’ form. This is an important document which records the successful completion of school affairs. Students should attend school on Monday 1 July or Tuesday 2 July to see subject staff and tutors with this form. School uniform should be worn so that we can identify students. By targeting these two days, we hope to keep disruption to a minimum. Students unable to attend on those days should inform their Head of Year Mr D Royal, or their tutor, so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Results day in August is always a significant occasion. For those students who intend to come into school, that day will be Thursday 22 August 2019 (from 9.00 am) Students who would like results to be posted may leave a stamped addressed envelope at the school office, before the end of this term. For students who have applied to our 6th Form, enrolment will take place from 9.30am onwards on Thursday 22 August. Those unable to attend should contact Mr Burroughs (Director of 6th Form) before the end of term.

Finally, on behalf of the staff of the school, I would like to wish all students the very best of luck for the future. Please keep in touch with us via the school website which has a section specifically for use by our former students.

Yours sincerely

Sir K A Gibson
Executive Head Teacher