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BEAT is a creative project that gives students the opportunity to show how they are Bringing Excellence to Art and Talent. Whether it be a creative video, musical expertise or an artistic flair, BEAT will allow students, individually or collectively, to showcase their magnificent original talents.

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Rebecca – Year 12

I like to ensure my artwork looks presentable and well proportioned to get a realistic outcome. I vary my techniques of application throughout my work; for example skin is a smooth texture therefore I usually blend the material with my fingers to create a flawless finish. Whereas for the pupils I like to have more of a bold and intense outcome, therefore hardly blend the colours at all so they stand out and make the eye look more appealing and real. I intensify the colours where necessary, such as the white in bright areas and deepen the dark areas with plenty of black.

Tian – Year 12

The artwork on the white background is a piece I recreated by Eric Lacombe, my chosen artist. I was intending to explore how to create an expressive portrait and how to use Indian ink.

The red image of the man wearing a beanie hat is an experimental piece of art using different materials in the background. I was trying to represent the mind set of a criminal.

My final piece was inspired by Eric Lancombe’s dark approach to portraiture. So I used a monotone colour pallet to create depth.

Paul – Year 13

Year 13 student Paul enjoys focusing his artistry on abstract concepts and improvisation. Utilising light pastel colours to enhance its vibrancy; Paul insists his artwork reflects an optimistic yet edgy representation of the world we live in. Please see some of Paul’s work, which was proudly displayed at Harton’s Art Exhibition in July 2015, below.