16th March 2017



Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, has called for a second Scottish referendum in the coming years.

Sturgeon has called the referendum due to the fact that all the constituencies in Scotland had a ‘remain’ majority in the EU referendum. Sturgeon claims that a referendum should be held by spring 2019. It is very possible that, unlike the first referendum which had a 55% stay majority, it could turn out to have a leave majority due to the EU Brexit vote.

If Scotland gained independence, the Scottish Parliament would be in full control of their government and economy and would have an opportunity to stay in the EU. However, if Scotland does leave there would be several issues, for example an independent Scottish government would not be automatically part of the EU and would have to go through a long membership process to join the union.

The referendum has not yet been authorised.

That’s all from me.

Scott, Year 8