1st February 2017


Our reporters Kate, Nikita and Sushma have written a report on the recent news surrounding the hugely popular TV show Dr Who.


LEGO venture into social media

LEGO have released a brand new, safe, social media app called LEGO life. The reason that the app is safe is because it doesn’t ask for any personal information, pictures and it doesn’t ask for any tracking. Accounts are random words and the avatars are customisable LEGO “mini-figures.” The purpose of this app is so kids can post pictures of their LEGO creations and other people can comment on them. The comments are heavily monitored and if you don’t know what to write you can choose one of the pre-written comments. Even though the app is aimed at under 13’s anyone over the age can still use the app. All of the adverts on the site are strictly LEGO related so that if you are a parent you know exactly what you child or children are seeing. That all from me and be sure to check out the HTC news page for more stories.


Year 9


Alex and Robert have been taking a look at all the recent dealings in the January transfer market.

Local News

Local Woman Raises £1,500 by Shaving off Her Hair

Elisha Newell shaved her head and raised £1,500 for children with cancer along the way. The 21-year old shaved her off hair and gave it to children who are unable to grow their own hair. Her hair is going to be used as a wig or wigs for the children. She said “It’s something I’d thought about doing for the last two years. I’ve always had long hair and I’ve been able to grow it really quickly and easily. But some children aren’t so lucky, or they’ve lost their hair through cancer treatments. “So I thought if I donated all my hair to the Trust and raised some cash as well, I’d hopefully be able to help a fair few of them.” I am sure you will agree it is a fantastic gesture. Well done Elisha.

EBAC Northern League

In other local news in the EBAC Northern League division 1, North Shields are in top position with 23 wins- 4 draws- 2 loses- which total 73 points after 29 games. Their closest competition and local rivals South Shields Football club have played 28 matches 21 of which they have won, drawing 5 and losing 2, accumulation got 68 points. With such a close battle who will be crowned champion of the league? Who do you think will win? Will some other team completely come and take it from them? We will find out at the end of the season.


Year 8