22nd March 2018

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Hello Internet welcome to Harton News for today’s review of Nirvana’s album Nevermind.

The album kicks off with one of Nirvana’s most successful songs ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ which is an all-out rocker and keeps heads banging for the whole song, which allowed it to chart at number six on the billboard hot 100 and propelled the album to top the charts. The song grabs hold and doesn’t let go and is assisted by the very catchy chord progression and easily remembered chorus, an instant classic.

The next song to talk about is ‘Come as You Are’ a song that is easily remembered by its intro with a very memorable bass line and a catchiness that goes unrivalled by anything else. The song charted at 32 in America and number 9 in Britain. To add to that ‘Rolling Stone’ (a well-respected musical magazine) said that ‘Come as You Are’ was the 445th world’s greatest song of all time.

The final song I’ll talk about is ‘Polly’ an acoustic song that features only lead guitarist and singer, Kurt Cobain. The song is fairly tame compared to the rest of the album but is still an incredible song. Based on elements of a crime, the song is instantly controversial but that didn’t stop it capturing the fans and listeners. The song is fairly soft but the lack of Dave and Chris (Drummer and Bassist) shows that Nirvana could write anything.

On a whole I could’ve said this was a perfect album but there are a couple songs that just don’t resonate with me and for that reason I have to give it an 8.5/10. This ties it first with BLURRYFACE my reasoning is these two are just incredible albums. Thanks for reading this and please go check out the other stories from Harton News.


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