25th January 2017

School News

Cambridge Trip

Isaac from year 9 took a look at the recent 6form trip to Cambridge University.

International News

Donald Trump’s Inaugeration

On 20th of January 2017 Donald Trump took the oath to the office as the 45th president of the United States, taking over from Barack Obama. An estimate of 160,000 people attended the ceremony on the west front of the United States capitol in Washington, D.C. He is the oldest and wealthiest person to be president, as well as the first without governmental or military experience ever to hold the office.

This was the 58th presidential inauguration, with an official theme of “uniquely American” and it was held in Washington, D.C from January 17th to January 21st, 2017, the events included many concerts, the swearing-in ceremony, a congressional luncheon, a parade, inaugural balls, and the interfaith inaugural prayer service.

The presidential oath, which was administered by Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts, was taken by Trump as his first task after becoming president at noon. Trump was sworn in with his left hand on the Lincoln bible and on his family’s bible. The inauguration was accompanied by many protests from the United States and other countries.

Nikita and Kate

Year 7

Sports News

Our year 9 reporter Alex has been keeping up with all the recent news coming from the world of tennis.


The Oscars

If both Rogue One A Star Wars Story and Doctor Strange are nominated it will be a brother VS brother fight between Neil Corbold fighting for Rouge One and his brother Paul Corbould batting for Doctor Strange.

With the nomination list due to come out at a later date here are some suspected nominations: La La Land is expected to be the frontrunner for the Oscars, Deadpool if nominated it may be the only superhero movie to get a nod in for best feature film. Doctor Strange was credited for it’s amazing special effects, as was Rogue One a Star Wars Story. However, one film going of its review from rotten tomatoes that won’t be appearing in any categories is Assassins Creed the movie which gained an awful critic score of 17%! Grant it that is better than some other video game movies such as: Mortal Kombat annihilation which got a score of 3%, Street fighter from 1994 and 2009 received a rating of 15% and 6% respectively. However, the worst and I mean the worst even though it got 15% is super Mario bros. This destroyed the legacy left behind by the amazing video game series made by Nintendo.

So what do you think will win in any category? We’ll find out if you are right later. But, that’s all from me go enjoy.


Year 8

Local News

South Shields recently announced they had finished redeveloping the sea front. Our reporter Jake is here to tell us more about the redevelopment.

Entertainment News

With the BAFTA awards fast approaching, our reporter Sushma has taken a look at who is the favourites in the main 3 categories.