25th November 2016

School News

Storm Angus Hits the UK
Over the past few days the nation has been hit by Storm Angus, the first named UK storm of this winter. So how does one of these storms form? The storm forms when warm air from Africa merges with cold air from places like Scandinavia. The warm air is pushed up by the heavier cold air causing clouds. These clouds become a storm which causes heavy rainfall and strong, bitter winds.

The country was badly hit by flash floods and heavy rain. Luckily no one has died so far in the storm however there has been a lot of damage over the past few days which could cost the government thousands. The school was affected when one of the school’s classrooms (U06) was flooded during the storm. No one was hurt and the classroom’s clean-up has begun.

Scott (Year 8).

Children in Need

It was a night of charitable entertainment on Friday as Children in Need aired for the 36th year. Isaac is here to tell us all about what the night had in store.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them has been sweeping across the cinemas this week. Alex took a look at how the film is performing at the box office.

News Roundup

Robert is here with the roundup of all the latest news.