28th June 2017



Player protests have prompted the publishers of GTA V to halt legal action against a widely used software add-on for the single-player version. Take-Two claimed the Open IV program that let people change, or mod, the game’s basic elements aided cheats.In response, players wrote thousands of negative reviews of the game and more than 77,000 signed a petition calling for Open IV to be left alone.GTA creator Rockstar also put pressure on Take-Two to change its mind.In a message placed on the GTA V chat forums, Rockstar said “discussions” with Take-Two had led to it ending the legal action. The row blew up last week when the lead developer of Open IV said the mod kit was being withdrawn because it had been threatened with legal action by Take-Two.At the same time, Take-Two took action that led to the closure of three sites that advertised themselves as a way for people to cheat when playing online versions of the game.


Year 9



Hello internet, welcome to HTC news in today’s episode we’re talking about the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter. The anniversary occurred on the 26th of June and had many Potter-heads in a-frenzy over what would happen in celebration of the big day, well many a fan was excited when the new house additions of the book was released to the public, I regret not picking one up. The Potter-heads are some of the most dedicated fans in the world, any Potter-head knows that something would be missing from the world without the global success of Harry Potter. Along with the books there are so many more amazing things but one of the most exhilarating is the team up with Tesco to send people to Orlando to experience the wizarding world. With so many amazing options, Potter-heads will be talking about this for the years to come. When the 25th anniversary rolls around I am sure we will all be very happy with what we get, the joy that this franchise has brought to many people no matter of their Nationality, Gender, Race or Creed Harry Potter has touched the heart of millions. This anniversary will be one to remember for the ages to come and all I can say is accio firebolt.


Year 8