8th June 2017

Current Affairs

UK United in hope by ‘One Love’ concert

Within minutes US singer Ariana Grande’s high profile fundraiser concert was sold out buy fans and the public alike, all eager to show their support for the victims and families’ of the devastating terror attack in Manchester last week.

The world was shaken by the events that unfolded on 22nd of May, which led to the tragic deaths of 22 people including children at Grande’s Manchester concert; but it was her empathy and emotion that led to an event to be remembered for generations as a unity of the people at such a devastating time. Within a week it was announced, scheduled and performed; One Love became trending around the world as a symbol of unity and life that people all around the world shared for Manchester.

Top billing of mega-stars such as Katy Perry, Coldplay, and Justin Bieber performed for a standing crowd of 50,000, but also millions more watching on TV. Grande described it as being “light, and filled with fun, love and bright energy”. The 23-year-old tearfully hosted famous acts that inspired performing uplifting songs such as ‘Roar’, ‘Happy’, ‘Live Forever’ & ‘Angels’. Living up to their full potential the millions watching were reminded of the meanings of the songs when they needed them most.

Many commented on the maturity of the former Nickelodeon star, whom was quoted saying “I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do anything.” It was when Grande asked the headliners of her fundraiser to reappear on stage while performing a rendition of ‘Don’t look back in anger’, a song apparently now poetically synonymous with the attack.

The night ended just as hopeful and inspired as it began, with children and police officers dancing to Justin Bieber, people making friends with strangers, and awe-inspiringly raising over £2 Million for charity within the 3-hour concert, proving hate will not win.


Year 12



Album Legends

Hello internet welcome back to album legends, where one album continues to climb the charts and continue its way to becoming a treasured piece of artistry. In today’s episode we are talking about Green Day’s album ‘Revolution Radio’.  Released in 2016, the first song we are discussing is the last song on the album which is a slow song performed only by Billie Joe Armstrong. ‘Ordinary World’ was a song that was made to promote a film in which Billie Joe starred. ‘Ordinary World’ is an amazing film with an even better soundtrack including an acoustic riff that gets stuck in your head. The song depicts a world in which nothing outrage happens but manages to be deep whilst also maintaining that sense of relax and chill.

The next song we’re going to look at is called ‘Bang Bang’, probably the biggest hit off the album. The song is loud and very proud, it isn’t that deep of a song but it depicts that someone that is a bit mad but who wants to become a celebrity martyr.

The final song we’re going to look at is the album titled song ‘Revolution Radio’ which starts with an opening guitar riff from hell the song keeps the pace up and is constantly bringing up the heat. So that is my review on ‘Revolution Radio’ now let’s marks it.

Now as much as I love this album it just doesn’t hold up against the other albums resulting I a solid 7/10 placing it third on the leader board just below ‘Waiting for my Rocket to Come’ by Jason Mraz, ‘Divide’ by Ed Sheeran and ‘Appetite for Destruction’ by Guns ‘N’ Roses.


Year 8


Apple and Snapchat release their latest products

Hello and welcome to HTC news, recently Apple announced their new product called the ‘HomePod.’ It is a smart speaker which is powered by apples virtual assistant ‘Siri’. Is said to rival the Amazon Echo and the Google home but it is being launched as a music speaker, not a smart speaker. The speaker was announced at the tech giant’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California on the 5th June this year.

In other technology related news the Snapchat Spectacles have finally been released in the UK and have a retail price of £129.99. The spectacles are a pair of glasses that have a camera at the side of each lens and at the touch of a button they take a picture and upload it to your phone to edit later. The spectacles have proven popular in America as 1.3 billion spectacle snaps have been viewed since their launch in November 2016.


Year 9

Election Special

How elections work

It’s finally here, election week! On June 8th, millions of people will go to their local polling station and vote for who they want to be in charge of the country, but how does this system work? Let’s find out.

There are two houses in the United Kingdom parliament, the House of Lords (Upper House) and the House of Commons (Lower House). The one we want to focus on is the House of Commons, as the House of Lords is elected by members of the House of Lords. There are 650 members in the Lower House, they are called Members of Parliament (MPs for short).

Each MP represents a constituency, just like MPs there are 650 constituencies, roughly split by population (this is why the northern Scottish constituencies are huge whilst constituencies in London are relatively small).

To become an MP, you must run for the position in a general election, this means that in a general election you don’t technically vote for May, Corbyn, Sturgeon or Farren but for a member of their party who will represent your area in parliament. To win an election a party must gain a majority of the constituencies.

That’s all from me.


Year 8


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