Business Studies

Why study this subject?

This course is aimed at students who have a passion for business. The course focuses on all the key areas of how businesses operate and how they affect their various stakeholders both inside and outside the business. It will provide you with an excellent understanding of the subject and will prepare you for working in your own business or working for someone else. You will study a range of units in Business Studies to ensure you have a good understanding of the key areas needed to prepare you for University or the workplace.

What will the subject include?

In year 12 you will study:

Theme 1 – marketing and people

In this theme, students are introduced to the market, explore the marketing and people functions and investigate entrepreneurs and business start up.

Theme 2 – managing business activities

In this theme, students explore the finance and operations functions, and investigate external influences on business.

In year 13 you will study: 

Theme 3 – business decisions and strategy

In this theme, students develop their understanding of the concepts introduced in Theme 2 and explore influences on business strategy and decision-making.

Theme 4 – global business

In this theme, students develop their understanding of the concepts introduced in Theme 1 and explore business activity in a global context.

This is a linear qualification and therefore students will only be assessed externally at the end of the two year course.

Where will it lead?

It lays an appropriate foundation for the further study of Business in Higher Education or for future employment in the world of business. There are a wide range of progression pathways in areas such as marketing, business management and it can be combined with many other subjects at a higher level.Which other subjects complement this subject?

Economics, Accounting, ICT, Geography, Most other subjects are compatible with Business Studies to some extent.

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Key Staff

Mr P McGinn :
Subject Leader and Teacher in Charge of

Name: Mr P McGinn

Role: Subject Leader and Teacher in Charge of Assessment, Recording & Reporting (KS5)


Miss C Clish :

Name: Miss C Clish

Role: Teacher