Business Studies

Why study this subject?

This course is aimed at students who have a passion for business. The course takes both an operational and strategic perspective of organisations and how stakeholders such as managers, employees, suppliers and the local communicated are affected. Studying A-Level Business will provide you with an excellent grounding in the subject and will prepare you for employment and higher education.

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What will the subject include?

In year 12 you will study:

Component 1 – Business Opportunities
Component 1 forms the foundation of your studies. You’ll learn about entrepreneurial motives and characteristics, the different legal structures a business can adopt and how markets work. The second part of the component approaches business from the perspective of a manager and you’ll learn how the four key functions of a business (human resources, finance, marketing and operations) work together to facilitate success.

In year 13 you will study:

Component 2 – Business Analysis and Strategy
This takes a strategic perspective to the study of business. You’ll learn about problem solving techniques and how to forecast sales. You will also be able to analyse the financial performance of a business through evaluating income statements and statements of financial position.

Component 3 – Business in a changing world
This considers the external environment of business and the wider world. Learners will utilise the Case Study method to facilitate their ability to develop arguments and offer balanced evaluations.

Where will it lead?

It lays an appropriate foundation for the further study of Business in Higher Education or for future employment in the world of business. There are a wide range of progression pathways in areas such as marketing, business management and it can be combined with many other subjects at a higher level.

Which other subjects complement this subject?

Most! You should have a keen interest in current affairs and be prepared to write analytically.

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Key Staff

Mr J Murphy :
Assistant Head of Year 10

Name: Mr J Murphy

Role: Assistant Head of Year 10


Mr P McGinn :
Subject Leader and Teacher in Charge of

Name: Mr P McGinn

Role: Subject Leader and Teacher in Charge of Assessment, Recording & Reporting (KS5)


Mrs K Watson :

Name: Mrs K Watson

Role: Teacher