Course Introduction

Economics is everywhere around us and this is what makes it fascinating to study. During the past year, the roller coaster that is the world of Economics has continued to make waves in the global news. If you have an interest in current affairs and how the world around you is shaped, then you should look no further.

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What will I Study?

In year 1 you will learn the fundamental principles of economics to gain a firm grounding in the subject. In microeconomics you will examine the basic economic problem and learn how markets work to allocate resources, determine prices and how governments try to make markets work better! In macroeconomics will also learn about how the national economy works and what the government does to try and influence its performance. In year 2 you will build upon your knowledge of year 1. You will study micro and macro in more depth. As part of microeconomics you will explore topics such as monopolies and the labour market. You will also study economics on a global scale and look at the impact of globalisation and the economies of the developing world.

How will I be assessed?

You will sit three papers at the end of year 2: microeconomics; macroeconomics and an applied paper testing your knowledge of both areas of economics.

Where does the course lead?

Universities and potential employers want to recruit people who:

  • Are analytical and evaluative
  • Can self manage their own learning and performance
  • Are numerate
  • Can think ‘outside of the box’
  • Who have a proven work ethic

Studying economics will equip you with these skills and qualities. All of which provide an invaluable foundation for entry into any undergraduate degree programme.

Student views

“Economics is a highly respected A-level and through its study I have become more capable of understanding how the world functions. Such a relevant topic today, economics has greatly prepared me for university through challenging my analytical thinking. The exciting nature makes economics a very enjoyable subject which has motivated me to continue to study it at university level.”

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Key Staff

Mr P McGinn :
Subject Leader and Teacher in Charge of

Name: Mr P McGinn

Role: Subject Leader and Teacher in Charge of Assessment, Recording & Reporting (KS5)