Why study this subject?

This course provides an excellent introduction for students wishing to study law at university. The OCR course has been developed following advice from a number of universities who recognise the advantages of this A level. Students hoping to move through to degree level and the legal professions will benefit significantly as the old view that law should not be studied has long since faded away. In addition, law links very well with a wide range of other courses in the sciences and humanities as many transferable skills will be promoted through the study of law.

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What will the subject include?

A wide range of topics will be covered during the course asking challenging questions about how the law is changing and whether it truly provides justice. Students will investigate many different areas of law and be fully competent to apply legal principles to factual situations.

This is a two year course leading to a full A level qualification.

There are three examinations that will all be taken at the end of the course.

There are a broad range of topics to be covered across the two years including

  • criminal law
  • tort law
  • law making
  • the legal system
  • the nature of law
  • human rights/contract law

Where will it lead?

This course is useful for a variety of career choices. It is an ideal introduction to those students who wish to follow a career in law itself. Any students who wish to pursue a career within the legal profession will be given clear career guidance and assistance in preparing for University entrance. There will also be a chance to explore other careers within the legal system such as paralegal work and court administration. Knowledge of law is becoming increasingly important in such courses as Business Studies, Media Studies and Medicine. Many careers require individuals to have knowledge of legal aspects relating to that particular area. In addition, many careers require individuals to be able to demonstrate many of the skills that can be acquired through the study of law.

Which other subjects complement this subject?

Law can be paired with a variety of other subjects such English, History, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, etc.

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Last updated: 16-05-18

Key Staff

Mrs K Watson :

Name: Mrs K Watson

Role: Teacher


Mrs V Derbyshire :

Name: Mrs V Derbyshire

Role: Teacher