Music – BTEC

Students at KS5 can choose either the Edexcel BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Music or the AQA GCE A Level in Music

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Music

The BTEC course is a vocational course, studied over two years. It is internally assessed but verified externally. Students can achieve a pass, merit or distinction for each unit and a final grade of either pass, merit or distinction is awarded depending on the performance of the individual student over the two year course.

Year 12

In year 12 students will study 3 Units:

  1. Music Project- students will organise, practice and prepare for public performances.
  2. Music Theory and Harmony- this unit involves the study of theory which underpins modern popular music practice.
  3. Composing- students will develop composing skills through a practical portfolio.

Year 13

In year 13 the students will consolidate their skills in the following 3 units but are still encouraged to Perform and Compose as much as they can in their enrichment time:

  1. Live Music Workshop- performing and composing to given stimuli
  2. Arranging Music- full scoring and arranging of students own compositions or arrangements of given works
  3. Special Subject Investigation- the student chooses an area of music that they wish to research and produces a written , practical or compositional portfolio of work to support their research into the chosen area

BTEC Music builds on the knowledge and skills gained from KS3 and GCSE Music as well as musical experience gained outside the classroom.  The BTEC course prepares the student for the study of music in higher education or a career in the music industry as well as providing opportunities to develop strengths and interests leading to other careers. It encourages students to develop a wide range of transferable skills such as personal organisation, research, technology, IT, communication and team-work skills.

From September 2016 the 6th form music students will study from the new specification issued by Edexcel

The specifications are available in the following web link