Why study this subject?

Physics courses are stimulating and exciting.  We strive to understand the physical world around us – how things move, what is electricity, what happens inside atoms, how we communicate by sound?

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What will the subject include?

In year 1 – The course is an extension of the knowledge and skills gained from Y11 GCSE. We look at fundamental particles and forces and explore quantum physics. Further study of electricity and mechanics takes place as well as a study of waves.

In year 2 – The modules cover key areas of physics including electric, magnetic and gravitational fields nuclear physics and thermodynamics. The options are: Medical Physics; Astrophysics or Turning Points in Physics.

Where will it lead?

Physics is essential for many courses in science, medicine and engineering. The skills acquired at A level Physics are in great demand in a wide variety of jobs.

Which other subjects complement this subject?

Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, ICT.

Subject specific requirements?

Minimum level 7 in GCSE Physics.

Examination board links

AQA – here.

Key Staff

Mr D Percy :

Name: Mr D Percy

Role: Teacher


Mr J Law :

Name: Mr J Law

Role: Teacher


Mrs S Wallace :

Name: Mrs S Wallace

Role: Teacher