Please open the bridging booklet here. This booklet provides you with information about the specification and structure of the course, including how you will be externally assessed.

It also contains some key skills activities to support the move from GCSE to A-Level Chemistry.

Your summer task is to start this process by reading through the content and completing activities 1-10 (you will complete the rest in school). You will be provided with answers to these activities at the start of the course and you should bring your completed work with you to the first lesson.

If you have any queries about this work, please email

PDF reader required
Chemistry – GCSE to A-level Bridging Booklet

Key Staff

Miss F Jessup :
Co-ordinator of Chemistry

Name: Miss F Jessup

Role: Co-ordinator of Chemistry


Miss K Longstaff :
Head of KS 3&4 Chemistry

Name: Miss K Longstaff

Role: Head of KS 3&4 Chemistry


Mrs R Gibson :
Head of KS5 Chemistry

Name: Mrs R Gibson

Role: Head of KS5 Chemistry


Mrs R Green :
Assistant Head Teacher - Supplementary L

Name: Mrs R Green

Role: Assistant Head Teacher - Supplementary Learning Provision