English Literature

Updated: 30-06-17

English Literature Summer Tasks

Key Staff

Miss S Smith :
Assistant Subject Leader

Name: Miss S Smith

Role: Assistant Subject Leader

Email: SSmith@harton-tc.co.uk

Mr A Richardson :

Name: Mr A Richardson

Role: Teacher

Email: ARichardson@harton-tc.co.uk

Mrs C Chesborough :

Name: Mrs C Chesborough

Role: Teacher

Email: CChesborough@harton-tc.co.uk

Mrs D Dawson :
Subject Leader

Name: Mrs D Dawson

Role: Subject Leader

Email: Ddawson@harton-tc.co.uk

Mrs H Astrop :
Head of Year

Name: Mrs H Astrop

Role: Head of Year

Email: HBarclay@harton-tc.co.uk

Mrs M Bates :

Name: Mrs M Bates

Role: Teacher

Email: MBates@harton-tc.co.uk