Life @ Harton

Harton 6th Form allows students to make that challenging transition to level three study in a modern business like environment and supports and promotes independence so that students can develop and flourish in all aspects of life. The ethos is purposeful and everyone is expected to work hard. Harton students will be joined by a significant number of students from other centres and this creates a vibrant and energetic environment where students feel valued and respected. The times of the day will be slightly different to the day of the rest of the school. You will come into school in time for lessons, and your day will normally commence at 8.30am and will reflect your personal programme of study.

Depending upon the courses that you choose to follow, you may be spending most of your time in school or you may spend some time at a partner organisation. You are however, always representing Harton 6th Form and no matter where you are, the standards of behaviour and decorum that we expect in school must be maintained.

You will be treated as young adults in the Centre – as students not as pupils. Life at Harton will be purposeful and productive, but fun and engaging. You will certainly get out of it what you put into it!