Beyond the classroom

For any student that really fancies a challenge and getting out of their comfort zone there is the opportunity to get involved in a two week expedition to an exciting and remote part of the world.

Groups have already been to Vietnam, Peru, Tanzania, Indian Himalaya, Borneo, Ecuador. Teams of students travelled to Cambodia in 2018, Nepal in 2019, Kenya in 2022, Morocco in 2023 and more teams will be heading to Kenya in 2024 and Borneo in 2025.

This really is a wonderful personal development programme that allows students to develop a wide range of key transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership, decision making, time management, enterprise, initiative and many more. It is without doubt, a very big additional commitment on top of students’ studies but previous students have shown that it is not only possible but often, it can enhance other aspects of life in a very positive way. The cost of involvement in the expedition is approximately £2500 and the students raise this through individual and group fundraising events, alongside part-time work and any creative ideas of raising funds. It is without doubt, the chance to have a life-changing trip and feedback from students that have been involved in the past is incredibly positive. We look forward to seeing many more students taking up such an incredible opportunity which could open their eyes to the world and help shape them as a person.