Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The value and recognition of Duke of Edinburgh is very well known and at Harton we belive involvement in the award is not only very challenging and rewarding but can make the difference when it comes to applying for competitive courses or careers in the future. At Harton we offer students the opportunity to progress from the Bronze Award through to silver or to enter directly to silver if they have never been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme before. To complete the Duke of Edinburgh Awards you must complete four sections:

  1. Developing a skill
  2. Completing voluntary service
  3. Taking part in a physical activity
  4. Completing a training and assessed expedition in the countryside camping, cooking and walking

We currently have over 30 students involved in working towards the Silver Award and the feedback from students is that they get an incredible sense of achievement as it pushes them beyond what they would usually do. It also tests determination and commitment and certainly helps students to develop key employability skills in many different ways and therefore will help to make young people stand out from the crowd in the future.