Overseas Expeditions

Overseas Expeditions

Since Harton 6th Form has opened we have offered students the incredible opportunity to be involved in an overseas expedition. Most recently a team have returned from Morocco in the summer of 2023 where the team had a couple of days acclimatising to the very different surroundings, culture and food and prepared themselves for the main trek to the summit of Toubkal – the highest point in North Africa (4,176m). The team also went camel riding and star gazing in the desert and a chance to explore towns and cities of Morocco.

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Each year a new and exciting expedition will be launched and for 2024 we are looking to run expeditions to both Kenya and Borneo.

Clearly such opportunities are not cheap but the idea is that that students work hard over the 18 months prior to departing on raising funds for the expedition. The school support the teams fundraising efforts by organising events such as the Boxing Day Dip and Kielder Challenge and also allows students to access key school events to sell things such as cakes and crafts.

The aim of the expedition is that it is a personal development programme that runs from the moment they sign up at the start of year 12 and enables and helps them develop and enhance key skills and qualities such as teamwork, decision making, problem solving, initiative, resilience, organisation and leadership. All of these can then be showcased on the expedition which will open their eyes to a new part of world, enable them to experience new cultures and customs, challenge themselves physically and mentally and potentially ignite a love for adventure travel in the future!