National Careers Service

The National Careers Service ( some excellent careers information on it, including entry routes, skills required and pay. It also gives you some alternative, related careers information and gives you the chance to read some up-to-date and accurate labour market information ie are there going to be any jobs in that industry in the future and therefore is it worthwhile investing in relevant training/professional qualifications. Simply click on the link choose ‘careers advice’ and then ‘job profiles’. You can then type in a keyword or search via one of the different sector areas.


iCould ( is a website with lots of short films featuring people talking about their jobs; it is a different way of learning about a wide range of occupational area.

All About Careers 

All About Careers ( has lots of careers information on it, including some information on a wide range of employers who you might be interested in working for once you graduate from university; some even offer apprenticeship schemes. You can also use the website to search for university open days, vacancies (graduate and apprenticeship) and to look for internships, which might be useful when you reach university. Finally, it gives you the chance to complete a free ‘careers test’ that will try to help you think which sector you might be interested in. They have a sister website called My Career Springboard: which is also worth looking at.

Careers Box

Similar to icould, Careersbox ( is a website that has videos of individuals who work in particular jobs and industries. There are also films about some companies who offer apprenticeship schemes and others by a number of universities.


The Prospects website ( has lots of interesting information for students considering university, including a section that outlines what current undergraduate students, studying particularly subjects, will likely consider as future employment opportunities once they graduate.