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Academic Record 2017

Harton 6th forms academic record over the past 7 years is strong and the 6th form has had a positive value added overall in the past two years. This means that across the 6th form the students on average achieved above their target grades which are very demanding and based on GCSE average points score. This is certainly not easy to achieve and everyone is incredibly proud of the results as it means young people can progress on to exciting things in the future. We have also had the highest number of students go on to Russell Group (research intensive) universities 38% which is fantastic to see and is far above the average for the north east of England.

Overall positive Value Added (VA) = +0.02 for A level

  • A-level progress: 0.03
  • Academic progress : 0.02
  • Average grade a-level = C
  • Av grade academic = C
  • Progress made in maths: -0.23
  • Retention: 95.1%

Pupils staying in education for at least two terms after key stage 4 = 83%