Harton 6th Form Virtual Open Evening

Harton 6th Form Virtual Open Evening – Thursday 26th November 2020 – 6.00pm

This year you will be able to watch a short video of each subject outlining what the course involves, what skills you can develop and where it can lead you to in the future. You can also access the 2020/21 Prospectus online which outlines key elements of life in the 6th form and apply for a place via the APPLY section of the website.

If you know anyone that does come to the 6th form or has attended in the past it would be advisable to ask them about their experience as that will really help in finding out what it is like. Last year we received record numbers of applicants, offered the most subjects we ever have and achieved our best ever results and destinations.

It is a great time to consider being part of Harton 6th Form and we as ever will do our very best to offer amazing opportunities and experiences, help you grow and develop as a person and gain positive progression in the future.

If you have any specific questions please contact the Director of 6th Form on RBurroughs@hartonacademy.co.uk