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Research and Development

The Teaching Schools National Network presents key opportunities for HTSA to collaborate and learn from and with other teaching school alliances at both regional and national level. Harton Technology College strives to develop a culture of research and development across our partner schools to maintain expertise and to be at the forefront of practice to develop, pioneer and evaluate new approaches to enhance pupil learning and school performance.
Our projects to date include:


Working in partnership with and funded by the National College for Teaching and Leadership, (NCTL) the HTSA designed a Research and Development project to evaluate the impact of using new technologies to support JPD (Joint Practice Development). As part of this project we aimed to evaluate ‘if JPD focused on Egan’s skilled helper coaching model improves teaching practice and learning outcomes for students’. The project focused on two main T&L themes. Assessment for Learning and Collaborative Learning and participants involved worked as a JPD couple to focus on one of the two T&L themes.

This two year project which involved 14 participants from 4 schools ended in the summer of 2014 and end of project report and findings are now available at www.gov.uk

Closing the gap

This two year project funded and coordinated by the NCTL involved over 800 schools testing a range of intervention strategies aimed at supporting students to maximise their potential. Harton Technology College was selected to test Growth Mindsets and our partner school Whitburn Church of England Academy was selected to test Achievement for All, a two year project which was reported on in the summer of 2015. Findings were reported directly by the NCTL and particularly around Growth Mindsets we have seen major projects develop including the training of outreach workers for South Tyneside Council to widen impact.

Developing Expertise in Evidence Based Teaching

This project again funded by the NCTL, created a team of 18 staff Research Practice Partners from two secondary and two primary schools, to conduct 14 projects linked to Education Endowment Fund themes. Findings from these projects which have been recorded in a learning journal can be found at Learning Journal.

If you are interested in finding out more about our research and development projects, sharing findings of research you have conducted or participating in future projects please contact Lynn Culkin Director of Teaching School at LCulkin@harton-tc.co.uk