English is a vital subject at the core of the curriculum, one that can be integral to young people’s long-term prospects and success. That’s why schools need the very best professionals and graduates to bring their skills as English teachers to the classroom.

Key Staff

Lady L Gibson :

Name: Lady L Gibson

Role: Teacher

Email: LGibson@hartonacademy.co.uk

Miss J Dawson :

Name: Miss J Dawson

Role: Teacher

Email: JDawson@hartonacademy.co.uk

Miss K Devlin :

Name: Miss K Devlin

Role: Teacher

Email: KDevlin@hartonacademy.co.uk

Miss L Eadie :

Name: Miss L Eadie

Role: Teacher

Email: LEadie@hartonacademy.co.uk

Miss L Wolfendale :

Name: Miss L Wolfendale

Role: Teacher

Email: LWolfendale@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mr A Hudson :
Assistant Subject Leader - in charge of

Name: Mr A Hudson

Role: Assistant Subject Leader - in charge of KS3

Email: DHudson@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mr A Reavley :

Name: Mr A Reavley

Role: Teacher

Email: AReavley@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mr A Richardson :
Assistant Subject Leader - in charge of

Name: Mr A Richardson

Role: Assistant Subject Leader - in charge of KS4 data and tracking

Email: ARichardson@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mr C Quinn :
Assistant Head of Year 11

Name: Mr C Quinn

Role: Assistant Head of Year 11

Email: CQuinn@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mr J Ward :
Teacher/Technical Support

Name: Mr J Ward

Role: Teacher/Technical Support

Email: JWard@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mrs C Greenan :

Name: Mrs C Greenan

Role: Teacher

Email: CGreenan@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mrs D Dawson :
Subject Leader

Name: Mrs D Dawson

Role: Subject Leader

Email: DDawson@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mrs F Hutchinson :

Name: Mrs F Hutchinson

Role: Teacher

Email: FHutchinson@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mrs G Quinn :

Name: Mrs G Quinn

Role: Teacher

Email: gquinn@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mrs H Astrop :
Head of Year 9

Name: Mrs H Astrop

Role: Head of Year 9

Email: HAstrop@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mrs J Gray :
Specialist Literacy Teacher

Name: Mrs J Gray

Role: Specialist Literacy Teacher

Email: JGray@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mrs K McCarty :
Subject Leader for Media Studies

Name: Mrs K McCarty

Role: Subject Leader for Media Studies

Email: KMcCarty@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mrs L Swan :
Leading Practitioner

Name: Mrs L Swan

Role: Leading Practitioner

Email: LSwan@hartonacademy.co.uk

Mrs S Connolly :
Literacy Co-ordinator

Name: Mrs S Connolly

Role: Literacy Co-ordinator

Email: SConnolly1@hartonacademy.co.uk