“Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!”

June 2017

One month. One month to this very day and I will be leaving CTTP as a newly qualified teacher with a job starting in September.

If you had told me this, way back at the beginning of the year, I would have laughed in your face! It has been an incredible journey and one not without setbacks (mainly centred around me being the world’s most disorganised trainee teacher. Ever.) But it has been a fantastic journey so far and I have enjoyed pretty much every minute of it.


It however has come to the time of year when the life of a trainee teacher becomes incredibly hectic. The dreaded evidence file! I have been fighting the mass of papers in the corner of my room with a hole punch and Post-it notes for a few weeks now and I am now finally beginning to collate something that resembles an orderly file to submit. While looking through my evidence, it has given me time to reflect on how much I have changed as a teacher throughout the year and there were certainly more than a few cringes at my early lessons, but everybody has to start somewhere, right?

The thing that I am least looking forward to, however, is leaving my host school behind. I feel like a member of the staff now and the ‘sir, are you going to be my teacher next year?’ has begun with the devastating news that, ‘No, Mr. Thane will not be returning in September!’ However as the saying goes, when one door closes another opens (I think that’s the way it goes anyway) and I am very excited to become involved with my new school in a few weeks in preparation for the new academic year.

All in all I am feeling tired, but a good tired. An ‘I have tried my best and had a fantastic experience’ tired.

Anyway must dash. I have some evidence that won’t highlight itself.

Thanks for reading
Mr. Thane

“The Search of the Lucky Calculator”

May 2017

I would again like to start by thanking everyone who is still reading these blogs and supporting not only myself but the CTTP course as a whole. It feels really good knowing that so many of you take the time out of your hectic lives to sit, read and share my experiences with me!

Daniel Thane

Since my last update there have been some big changes in the world of Mr Thane. I have returned to my main school placement and been introduced to two new classes: a second year 7 group and a top set year 10 class which both provide me with challenges, different to anything which I have had the pleasure of experiencing before.

However, it is around this point in my post that I would like everyone to bow their heads and give a thought to my lost lucky calculator, out there in the big, bad world on his own. He was there since the start, way back in year 10, through to A Levels and indeed, crossed the border into Scotland with me to embark on my university studies. Rest in peace, little guy.

On a more serious note, returning to my host school has allowed me to reflect upon my experiences while I have been away and indeed at how much I have developed since the start of the year. Every time my mind jumps back to that babbling explanation of Pythagoras’ theorem to 8T2, I feel the embarrassment fill my body!  This year has opened my eyes to the amount of learning that goes on in schools, not only on the part of the students but also on the part of every human inside that building on a daily basis from support staff, to classroom teachers and beyond. Nobody is perfect and we can all develop in some way each day. Remember those words your grandmother or grandfather used to tell you: “Hey, you learn something new every day!” Well it turns out they were right because every day I spend in school, I feel myself growing into the role and in confidence.

Last Sunday I pondered about what I would have been doing 12 months earlier while back at university. My first thoughts went to the stuffy third floor of the library as I slaved over my dissertation; then to the more realistic vision of an extended Sunday afternoon visit to the local public house!  Flash forward a whole year and there I am in the lamination station preparing resources for my lesson on areas of parallelograms on Monday morning. To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Again thanks for reading

Mr Thane

“The Equations Of A Straight Line Dance”

March 2017

Hello and welcome back to your favourite north-east based maths trainee’s blog! Once again thank you all for reading the last one and for your continued support; I really appreciate it. I am writing this blog at the halfway stage of my second school placement and I can categorically say that I absolutely love it. The staff, students and the atmosphere within the school are all totally different to that of my main placement but equally as inviting. I was concerned that I might suffer the well documented ‘second-school placement lull’, however the opposite has happened and the change of environment has made me even more driven to succeed this year.

You join me at a point in the year where I feel I am spinning an inhuman amount of plates: PLT 3 preparations; planning lessons for my first job interview (I know I’m officially an adult now!); lesson planning and of course the dreaded master’s assignment. However, even with all of this going on, I am enjoying the course at the minute more than ever. The one minor niggle being the photo shoot that took place in my lesson with 8f3. As you can see from the below photo, my teaching style for straight line graphs is, shall we say, unorthodox!


“My teaching style for straight line graphs is, shall we say, unorthodox!”

Last week I had my first observation with the PT at my second school placement, which as you can imagine, I was incredibly nervous about. I used a resource I had no experience with, which was based around the idea of a treasure hunt with the classic Mr Thane maths twist of index laws! The students absolutely loved this task and fully got into the spirit of the lesson, with some serious competition in the air of room 138.  Comparing this lesson to where I started in September, there has been a complete transformation in my teaching style – for the better and I look forward to hopefully saying the same thing again in the next blog.

Anyway, I must get off as I’ve got a lesson on geometric sequences and series which won’t plan itself. Thanks for reading.

Mr. Thane

DT PIC1Christmas Cards and New Starts

December 2016

Hello again,

I’d just like to thank you for all of the positivity on my first post. It’s been almost two months since my last instalment and once again it feels as though the person in control of my life has fell asleep on the sofa and hit the fast forward button.

Lots of things have been going on the past few weeks, one of the most notable for myself was receiving my first ever teacher Christmas card (on the 15th of November!!). I have been wearing a staff badge since September however I’ve never felt like a ‘proper’ member of staff until this happened. I feel that I am beginning to grow comfortable at my host school, so much so that my cup has its own place on the mug rack!

With this in mind, I was really anxious about my second school placement and being uprooted from my chair in the staffroom. Thrown into a new school which I know nothing about, with corridors full of staff and students I have never met before. However, on my visit to the school recently I was blown away by how friendly everyone in the school was. I observed the year 7 class I have been assigned for the duration of my placement and they seemed really enthusiastic and to be relishing the opportunity to multiply some decimals.

One thing I never thought I would ever say in my life is that I am beginning to develop a real passion for creating resources. It’s great to see something that you have spent ages designing, printing, laminating and cutting out  fall into place before your very eyes and a class full of those “ahhhhhh, I get it faces” is one of the many things that is giving me a real sense that teaching is certainly the career for me!

Anyway, I’ve got to dash, the lamination station (a small corner in my bedroom, sad I know!) awaits!

Daniel (Mr. Thane!)

Taking a moment to breathe!

September 2016


I’ve never actually written a blog, or kept any form of diary for that matter so I’ve spent far too long about thinking about how to start this. Hello, (great start!) my name is Daniel Thane and I am six weeks into my teacher-training program with Carmel Teacher Training Partnership.  I needed to double-check that because this has been the fastest six weeks of my life and possibly the most enjoyable.

I spent the months after graduating from university worrying about the ‘social-life destroying’ workload and having nightmares about the dreaded file system, yet here I am on the verge of October half term with my social life still very much intact. I am not going to sit behind my keyboard and say that there isn’t a lot of work, because there is. But the one thing that I have found crucial is managing your time, writing your lesson evaluation for period five after school on Friday when all of the other staff are leaving for the weekend might not seem the most appealing. But when you get that group chat notification asking if you fancy going out for lunch on Sunday, you don’t have to say “Nah, sorry too much work” and I mean who doesn’t love a carvery.

I taught my first lesson in the fourth week of my placement, Monday period 2. I was worrying about it for the entire weekend; checking everything was aligned correctly on my PowerPoint; answering each question five times so no student from 7WD had a chance to outsmart me! The lesson ran really smoothly and since then I am beginning to feel more and more comfortable in the classroom, so much so that a student from my year 7 class told me “maths is my favourite subject”, which is certainly something you don’t hear everyday!

Thanks for reading

Daniel (Mr. Thane!)

Daniel Thane – Maths Trainee

PS – Still not used to being referred to as “sir”, a year 8 student said it to me the other day and I turned around to check if they were talking to a teacher behind me, but no it was me!