Insights into being a Trainee Teacher

Insights into being a Teach North East Trainee Teacher

Our series of ‘Insight’ videos offers you an exclusive look into what it is like to be a trainee teacher with Teach North East. From answering questions about the teacher training course, to offering advice on how to get the best out of your training year, we are sure this series will give you a valuable insight into what to expect as a Teach North East trainee teacher.

Do you have a question that wasn’t addressed in the videos? Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can, we may even use your question in our next video!

Secondary School Trainees

Our 2021 graduate Olivia gives her insight into what she found most rewarding about teacher training? Why she chose to train with Teach North East? And what her biggest fear coming into her teacher training?

Our 2019 graduates, Louise and Michelle, explain why they chose to train to teach with Teach North East, discuss the most valuable support they received whilst training and elaborate on what day-to-day life is like as a trainee teacher.

Clayton Dalton – 2018 Graduate

Clayton, our 2018 chemistry graduate, offers his advice to any future trainees, discusses the importance of visiting other schools during training and offers his thoughts on the balance between training and teaching hours.

Daniel Thane – 2017 Graduate

Daniel, our 2017 graduate, reviews his first term as a trainee, discusses his experience of switching schools for his second placement and elaborates on the written element of the course.

Adam Edmond – 2016 Graduate

Our 2016 graduate and current science teacher, Adam, reflects upon his training year, offers advice to anyone considering becoming a teacher and reveals why he chose to study with Teach North East.

Andrew Thompson – 2016 Graduate

Andrew, who graduated with us in 2016 and is currently teaching social and cultural studies, reveals what he found most challenging about his training year, what he enjoyed most about the training and how he found the transition from training to employment.

Holly Flanagan – 2016 Graduate

Our 2016 graduate and current design and technology teacher, Holly, discusses what inspired her to become a teacher, what she feared most about the training course and what she found was the most rewarding part of her teacher training.


Primary School Trainees

Kayleigh Matthews – 2015 Graduate

Our 2015 graduate and primary schoolteacher, Kayleigh, discusses why she became a teacher, why she chose to train through Teach North East and offers some advice to any current trainee teachers.

Adam Stewart – 2017 Graduate

2017 graduate, Adam, reveals his biggest fears about starting his teacher training as well as offering an insight into his first term of training.